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Ringo Starr to Receive Liverool Honour

Liverpool will honour Ringo Starr when the city dedicates an upcoming recreation park in his name. Liverpool.gov.uk reported that the city will spend nearly $2 million to refurbish its decaying Dingle Swings Recreation Ground into “Starr Fields” in the Dingle section of Liverpool where Starr was born and raised.

The park will feature six bronze benches as a tribute to each decade of Starr’s life (he turned 66 on July 7th) as well as a state of the art football pitch and three tennis and netball games areas. The park will also include a changing area for nearby Shorefields School. No completion date for the Starr Fields has been announced.

John Charnock, the head teacher of Shorefields School, commented, “We are hugely excited about this scheme as it will provide a fantastic facility for pupils and the local community to use. Ringo Starr has offered his support for the scheme and is as enthusiastic as we are about the opportunities it offers to young people.”

Both John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s childhood homes are now owned and run by Britain’s National Trust. In 2001, Liverpool renamed its international airport the John Lennon Airport. Last year, Starr joked that he’d be happy if his hometown dedicated the airport’s baggage claim to him.

The upcoming Starr Fields is the first official honour the city has bestowed on either Starr or the late George Harrison as individuals.