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Hello. at 10:00 today was on Altitude tickets web site to buy 2 tickets for Ringo for his Denver show. Clicked on "find tickets" and said none were available!!! How can that be?? Tried a couple of times. Even opened another tab.    Even went to a reseller who charged almost double for the same section. Willing to bite the bullet until saw they were also adding a $48 p/p service charge. I went and did a few things as was getting mad, then went to go online to complain, and now tickets were available  at 10:34 on Altitude Tickets. I purchased tickets for Orchestra row P. Could I have gotten better tickets - I'm sure if the web site was working properly and allowed me to purchase at 10:00.  How can you allow so many tickets to be available to these resellers who rip you off, instead of thru the venue?  This is our probably one and only time will get to see Ringo,  It's crazy to pay over $350 for 2 tickets and be in row P!