Ringo Starr’s Landmark Photography Retrospective Hardcover “Beats &Threads” Chronicling Over 70 Years Of His Legendary Drum Kits And Era Defining Fashions Announced

Featuring Nearly 300 Captivating Images of the Beatles Legend and Global Icon, Many Never Before Seen from his Childhood in Liverpool to the Fab Four Era to Today Accompanied by Previously Untold Stories Behind Them

Limited-Edition Commemorative Hardcover Book And
Exclusive Signed Editions 
by Ringo Starr Sold Exclusively Online in Time for the Holiday Season Beginning
November 27th at Julien’s Auctions

All Proceeds of Sales will Benefit
The Lotus Foundation 

Los Angeles, California – (November 24th, 2023) – Heading across the universe this holiday season comes another special gift for Ringo Starr fans and music and fashion history connoisseurs, “BEATS & THREADS,” a new limited-edition retrospective hardcover by the legendary drummer and beloved global icon to be sold exclusively by the publishing division of Julien’s Auctions, the industry’s leading rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia auction house. Ringo’s latest publication is an unprecedented chronicle of over 70 years of his legendary sonic and sartorial style dedicated solely to his historic drum kits and era defining garments that in time signature made music and fashion history.

Featuring nearly 300 shimmering images capturing iconic and many never-before-seen intimate moments of Ringo’s illustrious life and career, along with the drum icon’s warm memories told in his own words, this immense tribute to the enduring influence and time transcending impact of the Fab Four member is a ticket to ride through fashion and Beatles history and gets back to why Ringo’s trend setting threads were as signature as the beat of his drums.

The 312-page book will be available for purchase with pre-sale book orders for $80 beginning November 24th exclusively online at juliensauctions.com. Exclusive limited editions of the commemorative hardcover book with a special color cover of the Beatles signed by Ringo Starr are available for $500 and exclusive Ringo Starr signed limited editions of the book housed in a special designed slip case that also includes an exclusive video of Ringo Starr will be available for $750 (all editions include shipping).

All proceeds of the book sales will benefit The Lotus Foundation whose mission funds supports, participates in and promotes charitable projects aimed at advancing social welfare in diverse areas including, but not limited to substance abuse, cerebral palsy, brain tumors, cancer, battered women and their children, homelessness, and animals in need.

Ringo–in collaboration with noted historian, author, speaker, drummer, and vintage drum collector, Gary Astridge–offers for the first-time the most comprehensive look at his legendary Beatles-era drum kits containing decades of research-based information with curated and detailed photographs of these pieces of music history.

Accompanied by archival documentation including drum specifications, contracts with drum making companies such as Ajax Edgware, music engagement schedules and more, the book uncovers new perspectives and untold stories of Ringo’s and the Beatles’ musical and style evolution, such as the remarkable revelation of The Beatles’ “Drop-T logo and its actual creator, Eddie Stokes that includes the one and only photo that exists of the late freelance sign painter of one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

Nine of Ringo’s original drum kits are presented here featuring his 1958 Ajax Edgware drum kit, 1960 Premier Mahogany Duroplastic, 1963 Ludwig Downbeat Drum kit, 1963 Oyster Black Pearl Ludwig Jazz Festival Snare Drum– considered one of his most important and utilized instrument in Ringo’s assortment of drums throughout his Beatles career and heard on most of their recordings (photo left), 1964 Ludwig Downbeat Drum kit, 1964 Ludwig Super Classic Drum kit, 1965 Ludwig Super Classic Drum kit, 1967 Ludwig Super Classic Drum kit, 1967 Ludwig Silver Sparkle Drum kit, as well as his cymbals, concert toms, and beyond. Alongside this treasure trove of information are pages bursting with dazzling images of Ringo’s iconic clothing worn playing behind his drums, his life off and on the road, in studio and at home. From the early influence of the Beatles manager and father figure, Brian Epstein, who was instrumental in creating their early modern look of the Beatles’ iconic three-piece black suit designed by Douglas Millings (photo left) and Beatle Boots to the Fab Four’s individual and most photographed styles, such as Ringo’s “Hey Jude” green pinstripe three-piece ensemble worn in the filming of their iconic performance filmed at Twickerham Film Studios on August 4, 1968 to his custom-made embellished “All You Need is Love” lavender silk tunic (photo top right), these photographs capture the decades’ spirit and the Beatles phenomenon. Adding to the lore are Ringo’s unforgettable and inimitable style created by the designers who crafted these artisanal pieces from London’s most distinguished designers on Savile Row to King’s Road, Chelsea to the hippie floral shirts and bold color jackets from the Hung on You boutique (photo right: Ringo in his “Magical Mystery Tour” dashiki with the Beatles) as well as Ringo’s insouciant choice of wearing then wife Maureen’s red vinyl raincoat to protect himself from the inclement weather in the Beatles’ 1969 mythic Apple Studios rooftop performance of the filming of “Let It Be”. 

“I enjoyed getting it together with the help of Gary, Scotty and Julien’s and I hope you enjoy it too! Peace and love, Ringo.”

The release of the book coincides with Beatlemania back on top of the charts with the recent record-breaking release of the Beatles’ final song “Now and Then” making history and Peter Jackson’s acclaimed Get Back documentary that continues to be seen by millions of fans around the world since its premiere on Disney +. In 2023, Ringo went back on the road with a 34th anniversary tour with his All-Starr Band, released “Rewind Forward,” his fourth EP release in three years that includes the track “Feeling the Sunlight” with Paul McCartney and collaborated with McCartney on Dolly Parton’s cover of the Beatles’ “Let It Be.”

Ringo Starr is the author of Postcards from the Boys, Octopus’s Garden, Photograph, Another Day In the Life, as well as books featuring his artwork, Painting Is My Madness and Painting Is My Madness Too and a chronicle of his All Starr Band’s 30 record-setting years, Ringo Rocks: 30 Years of the All Starrs and his recent best seller, Lifted: Fab Images and Memories of My Life with the Beatles From Across the Universe, both published by Julien’s Auctions. The industry’s leading rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia auction house has broken world records with the sale of Beatles memorabilia including John Lennon’s acoustic guitar which sold for a record $2.4 million, Ringo Starr’s Ludwig drum kit which sold for a record $2.2 million, The Ludwig Beatles Ed Sullivan Show drumhead which sold for a record price of $2.1 million, and The Beatles White Album owned by Ringo Starr that sold for $790,000.


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