Ringo’s Starr Song and Peace and Love Mission Experience

To celebrate Ringo Starr’s birthday on July 7, 2022, Artemis Music beamed Ringo’s music and messages of Peace and Love to the International Space Station (ISS) and to the stars.

Ringo gave the “launch” command from a special celebration at his Peace and Love statue in Los Angeles to the Artemis Space Network Mission Control Center in Houston, beginning a musical space mission of Peace and Love to orbit the world and travel across the universe.

Ringo’s Peace and Love Space Mission includes Ringo’s ‘Starr Song,’ created by “sonifying” the celestial stars over Liverpool the day Ringo was born, and “Let’s Change the World,” the title cut from his album released in September 2021.

Ringo’s “Starr Song” and “Let’s Change the World” are now traveling across the universe – carrying Ringo’s message of Peace and Love from planet Earth.

You can experience them here, in Ringo’s Peace and Love Metaverse: http://paradox.one/ringostarrsong

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